Rochester ShareFest

We are participating in Rochester’s first ShareFest on May 2, 3, and 4! A ShareFest is to introduce people to the sharing economy resources around them, and to introduce people, organizations, and nonprofits involved in the sharing economy to each other.
(more about that here

Here’s how Rochester Burners are participating:


AKA: Take My Stuff So I Don’t Have to Throw it Out!

We all have stuff we don’t use, don’t need, and don’t want anymore. Here’s your chance to find a new home for it!

When: Friday, May 2, 2013
7:00-9:00 pm

Where: 76 Magee Ave., Rochester, NY 14613

What:  A “stuff swap” or donation drop off as part of the Rochester Share Fest

As part of Rochester Share Fest, we will be hosting a Drop It or Swap It night on Friday, May 2. We’re collecting items that we will then bring to the Share Fest at Washington Square Park on Saturday, where we will be running Trader Jane’s – a “take one, leave one” tent where we will be facilitating recycling and reuse of all the stuff from the Friday night swap. We are also collecting backpacks and items to fill the backpacks for Rochester’s homeless population. (Wanted Items listed below.)

Take a look in your cupboards, closets, attic, and basement. Find things that you no longer use. You loved them once – let somebody else love them, too! Bring them to us to donate or swap.


On Saturday, we will set up a Burner Village comprised of four camps.

Center Camp:  Stop by Center Camp for information on Burning Man and  our Burners Without Borders project.

Center Camp is where you can get all the info on Burning Man and the local Burner community, why we are here at ShareFest, and how you can contribute to our backpacks for the homeless at Trader Jane’s.

Hug Deli:

We have a wide variety of hugs in every size and style. Place your order and pick it up within minutes.

DreamShare Creation Station:  Share your Dreams.

The DreamShare will be a large symbol of Roc ShareFest that we will “weave” into a dream catcher during the event. Roc ShareFest participants will write their dreams on paper feathers that will be hung onto the dream catcher. The entire piece will burn at PortalBurn, our regional Burning Man event that is held in July.

We will also be sharing some fun skills with you, like hooping, poi, and other creative activities. Stop by and try something new!

Trader Jane’s.

Help us share with the homeless! Join us at Trader Jane’s in the Burner Village on Saturday, where we’ll be looking for donations or trades for the items listed below, as well as other useful items. The goal is to build backpacks to be donated to homeless. There will also be a selection of existing items for trading. Hope to see you there!

  • Backpack
  • Soap/Hand Sanitizer
  • Shampoo
  • Comb/Brush
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss
  • Manicure Set
  • Body/Hand Lotion
  • Flashlight/Batteries
  • Mini-Blanket/Pillow
  • Warm Socks
  • Small Towel
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Winter Hat
  • Scarf
  • Nonperishable food/snacks/drink (peanut butter, juice, granola bars, protein bars, etc.)
  • Bus Tokens
  • Multi-vitamins